Keep Track of Every Action

Sparq APP lets you track all the actions, whether its manual, through the app or Voice control. 

What’s on TV?

Never miss a favourite show.

Set your favourite channels, switch to any channel quick and on the go.

Set favourite channels.

Later programs.

Detailed and categorised programs list, that is airing right now on TV.

Categorised programs list, which will be aired on TV, upto 3 days from now.

Program details.

Get to know everything about the programs you watch. Including cast, crew, overview, rating etc.,

Number pad.

Switch to your favourite channels. Just type in the channel number. Go.

Set a reminder, on any of your favorite show. SPARQ will remind you on time.

Easy remote.

Get a simple and user-friendly remote to your set-top box

Get streaming links.

SPARQ provides links to the programs which are available on streaming sites..

Have multiple remote buttons in one screen by creating a Custom Remote